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Need professional help with that home improvement project?

Look no further than JD Shea Home Improvement!

If you know someone who is always saying:

  • I can't get rid of the mold in my bathroom.
  • We've had it with this dingy old kitchen floor!
  • Yeah, I need to find someone who can fix that...
  • I called a repair person three days ago, but he hasn't returned my call.
  • This darn door always sticks!
  • I want to upgrade my kitchen, but where do I start?

Have that person hurry to the phone and call John Shea at JD Shea Home Improvements!

JD Shea Home Improvements
Phone: 860-798-6018
Email: Info@jdshea.com

JD Shea Home Improvements is your trusted source for quality home renovations.

Pictures of some of our recent projects.

Bathrooms Kitchens
Bonus Room Fireplace
Tile Patio Doors

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