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Ask John! - Bathroom

During a bathroom remodeling project, how long would I be without use of my shower?
After installation of a standard tub unit, you should not be without a shower for more than 2 days. However, tiling the enclosure will take up to two weeks of drying time.

My bathroom is beginning to have a problem with mold on the ceilings and tiles. What would you suggest?
If you do not already have an exhaust fan that vents to the outside, I would suggest having one installed. Or, if you already have one, its a good idea to make sure its clean and functioning properly. Updating to a larger unit maybe necessary.

Do larger tiles make a bathroom look smaller?
Not necessarily. Keep in mind smaller tiles may give it a busier look. It is my personal opinion that large tile, even in a small bathroom, will give an air of roominess.

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